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IAMSLIC hosts an email discussion list ( for members and affiliates of IAMSLIC, the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers. IAMSLIC is an association of individuals and organizations interested in aquatic and marine library and information science. The association provides a forum for the exchange and exploration of ideas and issues of mutual concern.

To subscribe to the list, send the following email message
SUBJECT: subscribe IAMSLIC Firstname Name

To remove yourself from the list, send the following message
SUBJECT: unsubscribe IAMSLIC

To post a message to the list, address it
SUBJECT: Select from the following list of suggested subject headings.

  • DUPS — for posting a list of duplicates available
  • DUPS GONE — to alert the list that the items have been given away
  • ILL — request for an InterLibrary Loan (whether a copy or whole item), only for items not in the distributed library.
  • ILL FILLED — to alert the list that the ILL request has been filled
  • REF ? — for posting a reference or information question to the list
  • REF ? FILLED — to alert the list that the question has been answered
  • NEWS — to inform the list about news items relevant to IAMSLIC, consider using the blog function of the website
  • WWW — to inform the list about a web site

Helpful Hints

Archived Messages
IAMSLIC list emails are archived at PLEASE NOTE: All archived IAMSLIC e-mail discussion list messages are publicly accessible by any Web search engine. Messages are archived in dated log files that are generated based on the volume of emails sent. The archive is initially arranged by log file date and then by “thread” (i.e. original email with any follow-up messages). There are no search features for the archive but you may SORT messages by date, author or full subject line. A rough search can be done by Subject sorting and then using your web browser’s “Find in Page” feature to search for a particular word.

Please do NOT send attachments to the IAMSLIC list. Many subscribers do not have the software applications to read attachments. In addition, we would like to minimize the risk of transmitting viruses to list subscribers. If you would like your email to be sent to the greatest number of recipients, in the safest manner possible, please incorporate your entire message into the body of the email!

Postponing Messages
When you are away for extended periods of time and don’t wish to receive messages from the IAMSLIC list, please use the handy POSTPONE command. This command is also useful for those subscribers who wish to post to the list but who don’t want to receive any messages.

  • To turn messages off, send the following message
    SUBJECT: set IAMSLIC nomail
  • To turn messages back on, send the following message
    SUBJECT: set IAMSLIC mail

Signature Files and
For those subscribers who have automatic signature files, if you are sending a request to, please make sure that you insert a double-hyphen above your signature. The double-hyphen (–) is a signal to the listproc software to ignore any text below.

Unsubscribed Email Addresses
Many people have multiple email addresses. When you post to the list, keep in mind that the listproc application ONLY recognizes the email address with which you subscribed to the list. If you would like to change your subscribed email address, please contact the list manager, Ruth Gustafson at

Malfunctioning/Nonreceiving Email Addresses
All subscribers whose e-mail addresses do not work or do not receive e-mail for over a month will be removed from the IAMSLIC e-mail discussion list. If you wonder why you have not received IAMSLIC discussion list e-mail despite being subscribed, please contact one of the list managers listed below to determine why this is happening.

For further information or questions, contact the list manager, Ruth Gustafson at

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