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Who We Are

    AFRIAMSLIC is the African regional group of the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC). It is a nonprofit organization of individuals representing institutions across the African continent which are involved with aquatic science information in all aspects of Freshwater and Marine science and their allied disciplines.

    AFRIAMSLIC provides opportunities for networking, resource sharing and professional advancement through its mailing lists and conferences. It also provides a forum to exchange, explore ideas and issues of mutual concern of aquatic science library and information centers across the African continent. The association has members in over 20 African countries participating in its activities.


      Volunteer Opportunities

      AFRIAMSLIC is always seeking volunteers to help on its several committees and assist in various capacities. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to join and be a part of our committees team! Below you’ll find more details on each of the committees:

      1. Membership committee: Increase members of AFRIAMSLIC by attracting new members, Updating the list of members, Plan activities for members to be involved in
      2. Marketing and communication committee: Manage marketing and branding of AFRIAMSLIC, Disseminate the organization information to stakeholders, Manage website, leaflets, flyers, brochures, newsletters and manage social media platforms
      3. Directory committee:  Coordinate with national representatives in every country, Collect information to develop a database of the “Directory of African Aquatic and Marine Sciences Libraries and Information Centres”.
      4. Handbook & Bylaws committeeCollect information about AFRIAMSLIC, objectives, benefits, organizations, history, revise and update the handbook and the bylaws.
      5. Finance Committee:  Look for resources and financial support (as sponsors & partners) to fundraising the association activities and help members to attend meetings and conferences. 

      Put your skills, your best efforts and enthusiasm to consolidate AFRIAMSLIC and to make it grow even stronger and achieve an even higher degree of success. Please join and become a member of one or more of our AFRIAMSLIC Committees!


        AFRIAMSLIC Objectives:

        1. To improve access to aquatic information by promoting resource sharing among members and encouraging the use of repositories for the purpose of contributing to Aquatic Sciences at the regional level;
        2. To collaborate with other institutions with similar objectives and promote worldwide cooperation with focus to African  related Institutions and libraries ; 
        3. To enhance communication with information networks for the advancement of a strong aquatic librarianship at national, regional and international levels taking into account the priorities of members from Africa;
        4. To increase support for aquatic libraries and information centers by sharing of expertise, knowledge transfer and capacity building and strengthening their relevance to increase their visibility in a positive context;
        5. To provide a forum of exchange and explore ideas on issues of communal interest and mutual concern for aquatic library and information professionals across the African continent;
        6. Assist members to attend meetings and conferences and for capacity building (training of members).


        Below is the draft Handbook of the African Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers.

        AFRIAMSLIC Handbook (DRAFT)

        This handbook exists to help AFRIAMSLIC members in carrying out the activities of the association with clarity and continuity. We are committed to keeping this publication up to date and we appreciate your input. Please contact the Handbook Committee if you see any errors or if you know of changes that need to be made. Thank you!

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