Membership & NOMINATING Committee

Chair: Kristen LaBonte (2020-2022)

Members: Kristen LaBonte (Membership Database Manager); Alice Endra, AFRIAMSLIC (2020-2022); Arame Keita, AFRIAMSLIC (2019-2021); Hannah Russell, APIRG (2020-2022); Stephanie Granatin, APIRG (2020-2022); Sonja Kromann, Cyamus (2019-2021); Mayu Ishida, Cyamus (2020-2022); Olga Kopytova, EURASLIC (2019-2021); Kateryna Kulakova, EURASLIC (2020-2022); Ruby Thomas Sánchez, LARG (2019-2021); Teresa Barriga Ramírez, LARG (2020-2022); Liz DeHart, SAIL (2020-2021); Joyce Shaw, SAIL (2020-2022)


  • To encourage membership in IAMSLIC, particularly in developing countries and underrepresented areas where such membership would enhance and promote access to the rich resources of IAMSLIC’s expertise and library holdings.
  • Administer the IAMSLIC Sponsored Membership Program (granting up to five three-year sponsored memberships and up to five one-year sponsored memberships per year).
  • To administer the process and forward names of nominees to elected positions to the membership
  • Coordinate advice and mentoring of new IAMSLIC members and provide information on networking opportunities.
  • Forward nominations of IAMSLIC Honorary Members to the Executive Board.

Membership of the Committee:

  • Voting: Two members of each regional group: the regional group representative and one other appointed by the regional group.
  • Non-Voting: Membership Database Manager

Service on the Committee is a two-year term. The Chair will be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Board.


  • Candidate slate presented to Board six weeks prior to annual meeting
  • Electronic ballots prepared one month prior to the annual meeting to allow adequate time for voting.

Membership Database

Liaison to Committee: Kristen LaBonte (ongoing)


  • To maintain IAMSLIC’s membership database including renewals.
  • To provide labels and lists to IAMSLIC members for official purposes (at no charge), or to for-profit and not-for-profit agencies (on a fee-for-service basis)

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