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North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) Partnership

Following a presentation by George Boehlert at the 2006 IAMSLIC Conference in Portland, Oregon, entitled “IAMSLIC and international scientific organizations: an approach to trans-Pacific information exchange“, the Secretariat of the North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES) asked IAMSLIC to examine strategies to maintain the vitality of the PICES publications program while being mindful of costs and emerging options for communications.  The review was completed and presented to the PICES Finance and Administration (F&A) Committee meeting at their annual meeting in October 2007.  The review included an action plan which was approved and adopted at the meeting.

In subsequent years, IAMSLIC presented updates on the progress of the action plan to the F&A Committee at the PICES annual meetings as well as contributed to the Study Group on Communication , and FUTURE Advisory Panel on Status, Outlooks, Forecasts, and Engagement , both outreach and communication components of the FUTURE Scientific Program.

One of the outcomes of the review is complete coverage of the PICES publications in the Aquatic Commons and a plan to continue to use Aquatic Commons as the institutional repository for PICES publications in the future.

IAMSLIC remains a partner with PICES on an as-needed consultive basis.

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