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Upcoming events

    • 23 Oct 2023
    • (PDT)
    • 26 Oct 2023
    • (PDT)
    • Virtual / Vancouver, Canada

    The planning committee for the 49th Annual Conference of the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) is excited to invite you to join us.  The conference will be held virtually via Pheedloop 23-26 October 2023 from 10:00am to 4:00pm PDT (UTC-7).

    Please visit the conference webpage for more information and updates:

Past events

13 Oct 2020 46th IAMSLIC Annual Conference

2022, "From streams to oceans: Libraries informing sustainability of aquatic resources"

48th IAMSLIC Conference: Montevideo, Uruguay & Virtual.

18-21 October 2022, in conjunction with the annual LATIN Regional Group meeting.

2021, "Libraries Supporting Our Ocean: sustaining and preserving our shared ocean for our shared future"

47th IAMSLIC Conference: Galway, Ireland (Virtual)

2020, "Changing Tack:  Adjusting our Sails to Navigate Uncertain Waters"
46th IAMSLIC Conference: Online Virtual Conference
13-14 October 2020

Program (includes list of attendees)

IAMSLIC Group Photo 1 and IAMSLIC Group Photo 2

SAIL Regional Group Meetup Photo

Conference Presentation Recordings (available to all IAMSLIC Members with login)

Group photo 20192019, "Living on the Edge"
45th IAMSLIC Conference: Port Aransas, TX, USA,
20-25 October 2019, in conjunction with the annual SAIL meeting.
SAIL Group Photo

Group photo 20182018, “Transforming the Global Information Landscape”
44th IAMSLIC Conference: Entebbe, Uganda, October 21-25, 2018

Group photo 20172017, “Blurring the Edges: The Osmosis of Ideas”
43rd IAMSLIC Conference: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, October 22-26, 2017

We are IAMSLIC photo 20162016, “Traditional Knowledge and Modern Information Practice”
42nd IAMSLIC Conference: Mérida, Mexico, October 16-20, in conjunction with the 3rd Latin American Regional Group Meeting.

Group photo 20152015, “Blue Growth: Motivating Innovations in Aquatic Information Management”
41st IAMSLIC Conference: Rome, Italy, September 7-11, in conjunction with the 16th EURASLIC Biennial Meeting.

Group photo 20142014, “Forty Years of Sailing : Connecting Islands in a Digital World”
40th IAMSLIC Conference: Noumea, New Caledonia, September 14-18 held jointly with 2nd Pacific Islands Regional Group Meeting.
Group photo with banner

Group photo 20132013, “Visualizing a Bright Future”
39th IAMSLIC Conference: Dania Beach, Florida, U.S.A., October 20-24 held jointly with the 2013 SAIL Meeting

Group photo 20122012, “Exploring New Frontiers in Aquatic Sciences Information Management”
38th IAMSLIC Conference: Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A., August 26-30, 2012, held jointly with the 24th Cyamus Meeting: August 24-25

Group photo 20112011, “Information Safari: Discovering and Sharing Resources”
37th IAMSLIC Conference: Zanzibar, Tanzania, October 16-20.

Group photo 20102010, “Netting Knowledge: Two Hemispheres – One World”
36th IAMSLIC Conference: Mar del Plata, Argentina, October 17-21

Group photo 20092009, “Confluence of Ideas: Evolving to meet the challenges of global change”
35th IAMSLIC Conference and 13th Biennial EURASLIC Conference: Brugge, Belgium, September 27 – October 1.

Group photo 20082008, “IAMSLIC: Sustainability in a Changing Climate”
34th IAMSLIC Conference: Suva, Fiji, September 14 – 18.

Group photo 20072007, “IAMSLIC: Changes on the Horizon”
33rd IAMSLIC Conference and 17th Annual SAIL Meeting: Sarasota, Florida, USA, October 7 – 11.

Group photo 20062006, “IAMSLIC: Every Continent, Every Ocean”
32nd IAMSLIC Conference: Portland, Oregon, USA, October 8 – 12.

Group photo 20052005, “Information for Responsible Fisheries : Libraries as Mediators”
31st IAMSLIC Conference: FAO, Rome, Italy, October 10 – 14

Group photo 20042004, “Voyages of Discovery: Parting the Seas of Information Technology”
30th IAMSLIC/PLC Conference: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, September 5 – 9

Group photo 20032003, “Navigating the Shoals: Evolving User Services in Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries”
29th IAMSLIC conference: Mystic, Connecticut, U.S.A., October 5 – 9

IAMSLIC logo2002, “Bridging the Digital Divide”
28th Annual Conference: Mazatlan, Mexico, October 6 – 11

IAMSLIC logo2001, “Managing Resources in a Sea of Change”
27th Joint 27th IAMSLIC and 9th EURASLIC Conference: Brest, France, October 14 – 19

Group photo 20002000, “Tides of Technology”
26th Annual Conference: Victoria, B.C., Canada, September 30 – October 5

IAMSLIC logo1999, “Recasting the Nets”
25th Conference and 25th Anniversary Celebration: Woods Hole, MA, October 16 – 22

IAMSLIC logo1998, “Electronic Information and Publications: Looking to the Electronic Future, Let’s not Forget the Archival Past.” 
24th Joint IAMSLIC/Polar Libraries Colloquy Conference: Reykjavik, Iceland, September 20 – 25

IAMSLIC logo1997, “Data or Information: The Fading Boundaries”
23rd Annual Conference: Charleston, SC, October 5 – 9

Group photo 19961996, “Tradition and Innovation: Planning Our Future”
22nd Annual Conference: Monterey Bay, CA, October 13 – 18

Group photo 19951995, “Information Across the Waves: The World as a Multimedia Experience”
21st Annual Conference: Southampton, England, October 8 – 12

Group photo 19941994, “Building Global Connections”
20th Annual Conference: Honolulu, Hawaii, October 9 – 13

IAMSLIC logo1993, “Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future”
19th Annual Conference: Bethesda, MD, October 11 – 5

Group photo 19921992, “Aquatic Information Resources, Tools of our Trade”
18th Annual Conference: Bremerhaven, Germany, October 5 – 9

Group photo 19911991, “The Aquatic Environment: Description, Management, Conservation”
17th Annual Conference: Galveston, TX, October 7 – 11

IAMSLIC logo1990, “Breaking the Barriers to the Free Flow of Information”
16th Annual Conference: Seattle, WA, October 1 – 5

Group photo 19891989, “IAMSLIC at a Crossroads”
15th Annual Conference: St. George’s, Bermuda, October 2 – 6

IAMSLIC logo1988, Marine Science Information Throughout the World: Sharing the Resources”
14th Annual Conference: Key Biscayne, FL, October 3 – 7

IAMSLIC logo1987, “Oceans from a Global Perspective: International Cooperation in Marine Science Information Transfer”
13th Annual Conference: Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 5 – 9

Group photo 19861986, “Marine Science Library Networks: National and International”
12th Annual Conference: Newport, OR, October 6 – 10

IAMSLIC logo1985, “Marine Science Information: An International Commodity”
11th Annual Conference: Gloucester Point, VA, October 14 – 18

IAMSLIC logo1984, “(First published proceedings) Year of the Oceans: Science Information Handling”
10th Annual Conference: Woods Hole, MA, October 2 – 5

IAMSLIC logo1983, “Creative Information Handling in the Eighties”
9th Annual Conference: Port Aransas, TX, October 4 – 7

IAMSLIC logo1982, “The Geography of the Oceans”
8th Annual Conference: Beaufort, NC, October 17 – 20

IAMSLIC logo1981, “Accessing Marine Science Information”
7th Annual Conference: La Jolla, CA, October 10 – 13

IAMSLIC logo1980, “Marine Publishing in the 80’s”
6th Annual Conference: Halifax, Nova Scotia, October 19 – 22

IAMSLIC logo1979, “Cooperation and Information Exchange in the Marine Sciences”
5th Annual Conference: Charleston, SC, November 7 – 9

IAMSLIC logo1978
4th Annual Conference: Woods Hole, MA, September 28 – 29

IAMSLIC logo1977, “Ocean Issues-The Decade Ahead: Impact on Information Services”
3rd Annual Conference: Washington DC, October 15 – 16

IAMSLIC logo1976
2nd Annual Conference: Woods Hole, MA, October 23 – 24

IAMSLIC logo1975
1st Annual Conference: Woods Hole, MA, October 9 – 10

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