Welcome our new 2020-2021 IAMSLIC Executive Board Officers!

3 Nov 2020 14:39 | Jaime Goldman (Administrator)

Congratulations to our new IAMSLIC Executive Board Officers!  Following the close of the October 2020 IAMSLIC Annual Conference, your new board of officers includes: 

  • President:  Jaime Goldman
  • President-Elect:  Angela Clark-Hughes
  • Jr. President-Elect:  Saida Messaoudi
  • Secretary:  Jennifer Walton
  • Treasurer:  Geoffrey Timms
  • Past President:  Stephen Alayon

Thank you to our officer board for their dedication to our organization and willingness to serve!  For more information, please visit our Executive Board page and the Voting Results page.  

I would also like to take this moment to thank the IAMSLIC Officers rolling off of the board: 

  • Past President:  Jeanine Scaramozzino
  • Treasurer:  Kristen LaBonte

Jeanine has been an incredible mentor and driving force for new initiatives and documentation during her tenure as IAMSLIC President.  Kristen has served for many years as our treasurer, and ensured that our membership database, transition of financials to Wild Apricot, and work on our conference financials ensured accountability and transparency for both the board and our members.  Thank you both!  

Finally, thank you to Stephen Alayon for your work as IAMSLIC President over the last year.  Although you are still on the board, I wanted to take this moment to acknowledge your hard work and leadership.  

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