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Conference Registration

How do I register to attend the conference?

  • Visit the registration page to learn more and then click on the Registration Link to proceed to the event page where you can determine your registration category and click on the Register button at the bottom of the page to proceed to payment.
  • Through the generous support of Inter-Research, we are able to offer fifty fully sponsored conference registrations for IAMSLIC members from low and middle income countries. To select this option, follow the directions above and select the “Member - Low/Middle Income Country (InterResearch)” category.

Is registration required for presenters?

  • Conference registration is required in order to present an accepted paper or poster.

Joining the Conference

How do I attend from another time zone?

There are a number of ways to attend from another time zone even if Pacific Daylight Time is the middle of the night for you!

  • You can join live sessions and events that are convenient for you.
  • You can view recordings from sessions and events that took place earlier in the day or on a previous day. The conference hosts aim to upload recordings as soon as possible after each session or event so that they can be viewed during the conference.
  • The interactive workshop, Where Does Carbon Lurk? Finding Our Way to Lowering Carbon in Libraries, will be offered by Kate Elliott twice during the conference to accommodate different time zones: Oct 24 at 1:00pm (PDT) and Oct 25 at 5:00am (PDT).
  • Posters are available on-demand in the Exhibit Hall.
  • Cultural and entertainment materials such as films, music, podcasts, and a special recording by David Baca, are available on-demand in the Showcase.
  • Exhibitor information and contact information are available at any time in the Exhibit Hall.
  • You can also interact with speakers, other attendees, and exhibitors via the chat feature on each session, and via personal chat and video. You can see who is currently in the Virtual Conference platform in the Networking page using the “Online Now” filter.
  • Time zones will update automatically in the IAMSLIC conference website and the Virtual Conference platform, which requires a login to access and will open in the week before the start of the conference. If you are using a VPN please double check the times listed in case it is updating to the wrong time zone. Note that the Pheedloop conference website is in Pacific Daylight Time.

Will sessions be recorded?

  • All sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be accessible as soon as possible within Pheedloop and available until February 1, 2024 (3 months-post conference).

How do I join the conference on Oct 23rd?

  • All registered attendees will receive a link to login into the Pheedloop Virtual Conference platform in the week before the conference. Use this link or bookmark the conference to join each day!

Program and Schedule

What is the best way to view the program or schedule?

  • Click here to see the interactive schedule. Browse the schedule, switch to List View if desired, Download PDF (upper right of Schedule page, but note that the schedule may change slightly before the conference starts), and click on specific sessions to read the description and speaker bios. From this page you can also navigate to other pages to view Sponsor information, etc.
  • You will also be able to see the schedule from within the Pheedloop Virtual Conference platform once the conference is open. To view the schedule inside the Virtual Conference Platform, go to the Sessions page. Here you can filter sessions by type or date, and you can create a personal schedule if desired by clicking the + symbols beside sessions.
  • A full conference program will be uploaded to the IAMSLIC Conference webpage shortly.


What platform will the conference be hosted on?

  • The conference will use Pheedloop conference software.

What technology do I need to attend?

  • Please always use Google Chrome to access the Virtual Conference. You may run into problems if you use another web browser. Download Chrome. Try Microsoft Edge if Chrome is unavailable.
  • The conference will work best on a laptop or desktop device with at least 5 Mbps download speed (you can test here if you are not sure).
  • Other devices or browsers will also work but if possible try to use the above set up to ensure you have access to all functions.

What technology do presenters need?

  • Presenters will be sent instructions in advance and will largely be presenting via a Zoom link, which will be provided.
  • Please use a wired internet connection, wired headphones and microphone, a webcam, and a desktop or laptop computer. Other options are possible but may lead to technology issues. We will offer test sessions running up to the start of the conference and all presenters are encouraged to join their session 10 mins early to get settled in.

What if I have trouble related to internet restrictions, VPNs, or a firewall?

  • The Pheedloop help page on “Accessing Pheedloop from China or Countries with Internet Restrictions” may be helpful. Quick fix: Try using a VPN.
  • If your organization uses VPN, try not using a VPN or try using another computer (e.g. personal computer or device) that is not on the network.
  • Other firewall or VPN issues may helped by contacting your IT support. Also see this Pheedloop help page on “Identifying and solving VPN, Firewall, or Network Restriction Issues.”


What options are available?

  • The Virtual Conference platform includes features to adjust settings for Accessibility - in the platform, click on the top right corner of your screen on the circle with a person in it (beside the notifications bell icon). The settings suit a variety of accessibility needs, including content, colour and orientation adjustments. There will also be live closed captioning for the conference sessions. You will be able to turn this on or off per session using the controls that will be visible at the bottom of your screen.

Presentation Formats and Deadlines

When must I have my poster / supplementary material uploaded to Pheedloop?

We encourage you to take full advantage of the conference platform and add supplementary material to enhance your presentations. Please complete your speaker profile, check your session description, and upload materials by Oct 8, 2023.

As a speaker or panelist, what options will I have for sharing materials and engaging with an audience?

Presentations and panel discussions have the following elements:

  • Live presentation which will be recorded
  • Chat or Q&A feature to interact with presenters
  • Speaker profile
  • Optional: slides, transcript, handouts
  • Full paper submission for proceedings (due post-conference)

As a poster presenter, what options will I have for sharing materials and engaging with an audience?

Poster submissions have the following elements:

  • Poster (PDF)
  • 1-3 minute recording presenting your poster
  • Live presentation and question period to interact with attendees
  • Speaker profile
  • Optional: banner image for your virtual presentation space

How do I create a poster?

  • Create a virtual poster in exactly the same way you would create a print poster, except convert it to a PDF file rather than printing it!
  • You can find guidelines from the University of British Columbia here. We recommend the sections on "How to Create a Research Poster in PowerPoint - An Overview" and "General Design Tips." By creating your poster at a large size, you will have room for all of your content and viewers can zoom in for more detail. If you do not have PowerPoint, there are many guides on using Google Slides, Canva, and other tools to create a poster available online. Just remember to save and upload it to the virtual conference site as a PDF file.
  • There will be additional instructions on how to upload your poster once you have logged into your Exhibitor Portal. You can find the instructions under the "Information" section within the "Exhibitor Instructions" tab.

Where do I upload and edit poster files and descriptions in the Pheedloop Exhibitor Portal?


  • Upload your poster in the "Edit Design" section.
  • Your poster should be a single page PDF. Max size: 25MB.
  • Your poster will be available for attendees to view or download.


  • Upload a banner image in the "Edit Design" section.
  • The banner shows at the top of your poster's Exhibit Hall presentation page and creates a more colourful and interesting page. One suggestion is to create a banner image that uses the background colour or design from your poster and includes your poster title. PowerPoint is one easy option to create the image but there are many others as well.
  • Recommended size: approx. 1000w x 400h PNG or JPEG, with no white-space.

Promotional Video

  • Upload a video in the "Edit Design" section under "Promotional Video."
  • We will have a live poster presentation session with 1-3 minute presentations (or a recording if you are unavailable) and it will be recorded and available to attendees. However, if you are unavailable at that time and will be creating a video to be screened during the live presentation session, you can also upload the video here so that attendees can view it whenever they visit your poster page in the Exhibit Hall. If you will be presenting live but you would like to also include a recording in the Exhibit Hall, you can do that too!
  • Single MP4 file up to 100MB (duration of video depends on resolution, usually 5-10 mins of HD quality, typically 16:9 ratio. Videos are displayed on loop and start muted.

Edit Poster Title

  • Edit title in the "Edit Profile" section.
  • Title should be already included and you will see it in the "Organization Name" field (please forgive the poorly named field).

Edit Poster Description

  • Edit poster description in the "Edit Profile" section.
  • The Description should be already included and you will see it in the "Organization Description/Promo Text" field (please forgive the poorly named field).

Conference Code of Conduct

The Conference Code of Conduct can be found here and is applicable to all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and volunteers.

Additional Questions


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