FAO-IAMSLIC Joint Activities

Members: Maria Kalentsits, Sally Taylor, Tamsin Vicary, Angela Clark-Hughes

Charge: To review and revise activities of mutual benefit and interest to both FAO and IAMSLIC (within the framework of the MOU), recommending proposed action to IAMSLIC’s executive board and keeping the membership informed.

Memorandum of Understanding: FAO-IAMSLIC MOU 2005 (signed PDF includes Annex 1)

Annex 7

FAO-IAMSLIC MOU Annex 7 2020-2021

Annex 6

FAO-IAMSLIC MOU Annex 6 2014-2015

Annex 5 

FAO-IAMSLIC MOU Annex 5 2012-2013
FAO-IAMSLIC MOU Annex 5 Summary of FAO’s and IAMSLIC’s Contributions

Annex 4 

FAO-IAMSLIC Annex 4 2010-2011
FAO-IAMSLIC Annex 4 Summary of FAO’s and IAMSLIC’s Contributions

Annex 3 

FAO-IAMSLIC Annex 3 Review 2008-2009

Annex 2 

FAO-IAMSLIC Annex 2 2006-2007
FAO-IAMSLIC Annex 2 Summary of Activities 2006-2007

Annex 1 describes the proposed joint activities for the biennium 2004-2005 and is part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2005.

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