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In Memory of Our Colleague: Geoffrey F. SALANJE

(22 April 1961 -27 August 2021)

Geoffrey Salanje, University Librarian,Lilongwe of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)" in Malawi.  

                                                     StudiesHe held a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science (majoring in Sociology, Statistics and                                                                            Management) in University of Malawi (1985);Post graduate diploma in Library studies in University of                                                            Botswana (1988) and Masters degree in Library Studies-University of Wales, UK (1991).

Involvement in AFRIAMSLIC/IAMSLIC: In 2003 he joined both        AFRIAMSLIC and IAMSLIC as a member. He was directly involved  in the activities of   AFRIAMSLIC when he attended and presented papers at its first and second conferences in Accra, Ghana in 2003 and 2005 respectively. He later   hosted   AFRIAMSLIC’s 3rd Regional Conference in September 2007 in   Lilongwe, Malawi. He have attended and presented papers at many IAMSLIC annual conferences and served in some IAMSLIC committees representing African     region. He has finally served as the President of AFRIAMSLIC (2020-2021) and as the regional Representative on the IAMSLIC board. 

We greatly appreciated the collegiality and wisdom of IAMSLIC / AFRIAMSLIC members who wrote:

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Ian Pettman (FBA-UK) whom we consider as friend of Afriamslic: “I remember Geoffrey with a great fondness. He was not only a good colleague to work with but a warm-hearted friend who went out of his way to welcome you to his country and to Bunda College and the researchers there. I will miss him in many ways ».
Alice Endra
(NaFIRRI, Uganda): “Geoffrey has been a very social and friendly person throughout the period I have known him. He has been a very strong pillar in Afriamslic and we shall miss him. May the Almighty God rest his Soul in Eternal Peace…”
Steve Watkins
“I am very sad to hear about Geoffrey's passing, the world is a poorer place with the lack of his warm presence. As everyone has noted, Geoffrey was a kind man with a good soul and a pleasure to know. I had the good fortune to share a room with him at several IAMSLIC conferences and got to know him as a friend as well as a colleague…”
Mac-Anthony Cobblah
(University of Cape Coast, Ghana) “Geoffrey was a pillar so far as AFRIAMSLIC is concern. We worked with him in organising the 3rd AFRIAMSLIC conference in Malawi”.
Cheikh Ibrahima SAKHO
(IMROP, Mauritania): “With the passing of "My Boss", as, I use to tell him, we loose a great friend and brother too...”
Bart Goossens
(INBO, Belgium): “I was shocked by the news that Geoffrey has passed. I will always remember him as a very kind person, with a great sense of humour, a bright smile and irreplaceable warmth...”
Brian Voss
(NOAA, WA): “Geoffrey was indeed remarkably kind, warm and a dedicated librarian. One of my favorite images from Uganda is of Geoffery getting the dancing going at the reception. IAMSLIC is better for having his presence…”
Maria Kalentsits
(FAO-ASFA): “It is hard to believe that Geoffrey is no more with us. I met Geoffrey on a number of occasions - last time, in Uganda in 2018 – I will remember him as a very good colleague and a friendly person, always warmly smiling…”
Olivia Diehr
(Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Germany): “Geoffrey was a very kind and warm person. I will always remember his humor and bright smile. We will miss him. May his soul rest in peace…”
Arame Keita
(DPM-Senegal): “Geoffrey was a very kind and warm person. We will miss him…”
Sonja Kromann
(Marine Mammal Laboratory- NOAA, USA): “I am glad to have met him via IAMSLIC and have appreciated his friendship and contributions to the IAMSLIC and larger library community. Rest in peace, Geoffrey.”
Janet Webster
“I join others in my good memories of Geoffrey. In 2004, I visited his domain, Bunda College, and will always remember his warm welcome and great pride in his library. I trust that he will rest in peace as he worked hard and was a good person.”
Liz DeHart
(Port Aransas, TX): « I remember meeting him at the annual conference in Portland, Oregon in 2006 and since then, kept in touch throughout the years. He was a very kind and jovial person, always meeting people with a warm smile. I will always treasure his friendship from afar and I shall truly miss him.”

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