What will you present on for #IAMSLIC2022?

16 Aug 2022 07:57 | Stephanie Ronan (Administrator)

At IAMSLIC we all work in celebrating, facilitating and communicating the science involved with our ocean. Some of us work in tiny solo libraries, some of us are set in huge universities or organisation, all of us are providing world class services. 

Let's celebrate our work together this year at our 48th Annual Conference #IAMSLIC2022 18-21 October, 2022. This is our 1st HYBRID conference, so we hope to see and hear from as many of us as possible.

We are accepting proposals to present at our conference either in person in Montevideo, Uruguay or virtually. Get your proposal to us by the 21st August:  https://iamslic.wildapricot.org/conf2022/proposals

Are you wondering what to present on? Are you thinking, who wants to hear about the everyday work I do in my specialist library? We do! We thrive on learning from each other, we take our conferences as a valuable CPD opportunity, so any learning you can share with us, no matter how small will be valuable. 

We want to hear about the importance of libraries in the sustainability of aquatic resources.

Furthermore, we want to hear about your experiences in working with data. How about the ethics of sharing data, have you come up against any obstacles? 

Close to all of our hearts is Ocean and Climate Change literacy, what is your library or institute doing here?  How can we help to get the message out for a safe sustainable future of our oceans?  

We especially want to hear about library leadership and the nitty gritty of library administration. We library staff are nerds when it comes to this stuff, share your library hacks with us! 

Last year we hear about the SDG's and how the library works in this space, have you incorporated any of those lessons into your library through the year or have you planned to embed the SDGs into your library strategy? Please tell us about it!

Information literacy, we are all looking for the latest tool or technology to help our patrons with this, have you had a successful experience in IL recently? Share it with our IAMSLIC colleagues.

Finally, do you find the bulk of your library budget is going to publishers? Have you brokered a big deal, have you moved to OA, have you news to tell us about your publishing and publisher interactions? We'd love to hear about this, especially if it means we can adjust our library budgets!! 

Remember just 5 more days to get those proposals into us here: https://iamslic.wildapricot.org/conf2022/proposals

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