46th IAMSLIC Annual Conference

1st IAMSLIC Virtual Conference • Online, 13-14 October 2020

Changing Tack: Adjusting our Sails to Navigate Uncertain Waters

Important INformation for ATtendees

  • Conference Code of Conduct
  • Guin Fund Challenge
  • Conference Bingo Game:
      • In order to connect and engage with conference attendees and content, we have created this fun Bingo game for you!  Fill it out and follow the directions to return it to Jaime in order to be entered for your chance to win a FREE 1-year IAMSLIC Membership (grand prize) or other various vendor items from Elsevier. 
      • Click on the linked Bingo game card to start playing! 
  • Conference platform: Zoom
    • You will receive links to join the Zoom meeting for each day of the conference after registering.  There will be one (1) link for each of the days and you will need to register with Zoom via the links provided via email.  
    • Getting familiar with Zoom:
      • Zoom Best Practices for the conference
  1. Make sure your rectangle has your full name displayed. Rename yourself if that is not the case. (Hover your mouse over your rectangle--the menu will give you a “rename” option.)

  2. Use your camera if possible. We want to see your beautiful faces! (Hover your mouse over your rectangle--the menu will give you a “start video” option or use the button in the toolbar.)
  3. If seeing yourself onscreen is distracting, hover your mouse over your rectangle and choose hide self video to remove your rectangle from your view (you can always get it back from the top by clicking the show self video link or use the button in the toolbar).
  4. You are muted upon entry; please remain muted when you are not talking to minimize feedback. Feel free to unmute yourself to ask a question or to contribute to the discussion. (Hover your mouse over your rectangle--the menu will give you a “unmute” option. You may also hold down your space bar to temporarily unmute or use the button in the toolbar.)
  5. When you speak or ask questions following a presentation, please say your name (first or first and last).  There will be a lot of us online and it will help us identify the speaker!

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